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Training Business

May 19, 2022

This week, I published my first book called Sales Coaching Essentials.


I’ve learned loads writing it, and it’s time to share these lessons with you.


Writing a book will change how you are perceived. I can now introduce myself as an author.


It’s going to open doors to you. I have already been contacted by magazines, 2 radio stations, blogs and podcasts.


Your book is also going to give you a wealth of content that can be repurposed into tweets, posts, videos etc.


Writing a book as a subject-matter expert will boost your confidence. You will have done something which you can be proud of.


Last but not least, your book becomes a lead magnet that attracts business opportunities.


I hope that my book will start attracting quality prospective clients. In fact, it already has!


Listen to today’s episode to find out more!