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Training Business

Apr 23, 2020

Right now - wherever you are listening to this -  at home, in bed, on the commute to work (if you're still working) or perhaps you're sitting out in the garden if you're lucky to have one, things are economically, financially and personally tough!

You don't need me to tell you that your learning and development business is not where you thought it would be this time last year.

A good deal of my coaching and training work has been cancelled or postponed. Is that true for you? I hope not.

But if our clients don’t need us right now, that is not to say that they won’t again soon.

Your clients will need you again! 

Good times or bad times, we need to keep on keeping on and use the power of habit to get into the habit of doing things that focus your mind and keep you busy marketing and selling your training and development services when everything around you is up in the air.

Today I'm going to give you five pretty straightforward habits to keep you focused, keep you on your toes and doing the things which will strengthen your business mindset.

Best wishes, Mark