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Training Business

Dec 31, 2020

Today’s guest is Craig Ross, CEO of Verus Global in Colorado. 


Craig leads Verus Global, an international training company more than 25 years in business.


You’re going to spend some time with Craig and me today as we share what has made Verus Global successful


You're also going to find out which lessons Craig...

Dec 24, 2020

Hope you enjoyed Eps 118 with Luke Smith of Simply Converting last week.


We gave you key tips to understand and use Facebook ads to attract training clients.


Today, we’re bringing you the second last episode of the year.


This is the third year of the training business podcast.


In less than 10 days, it’s the...

Dec 17, 2020

Facebook is everywhere. You more than likely have a FB account.


Whether on desktop or mobile, Facebook has ads in your feed.


That’s how they make money from people like you and me.


What’s it like to be someone who creates those ads?

What kinds of ads work on Facebook?

What makes a good ad and how to you go...

Dec 10, 2020

I was thinking about some of the things we haven't covered so far here on the show.


What helped me in my business this year is having someone to talk to and also someone to copy or emulate


You know what a trainer is and you probably know what the coaches but what about mentoring?


What does a mentor do and why...

Dec 3, 2020

Today’s story is different. Why?

Many people I have on the show are running a small #training business.

Some guests I have had run a multi-person training business

I’m thinking of past guests including:

JoEllen Grzyb of Impact Factory
Grant Cardone of Cardone University
Nick Smallman of Working Voices ..and many...